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The Life and Times of Rob N
One Man on the Search for Truth
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27th-Feb-2007 10:31 pm - Long Time no Write...
Haven't been on here for a while. Been so busy with school, which really really sucks.
I've decided I don't care anymore cuz I did bad on my midterms, so any chance at good grades is pretty much gone. Meh, I'm not going to grad school so who cares. I need to start applying to jobs anyways.
But... :)
Godiva week was awesome. I won Godiva's Quest and so I got to be the third Chariot Race Judge = free alcohol. And then my team won Plant Design. We deserved it cuz we worked crazy hard and met almost every day.
But then midterms came along...
Failing polymers midterm - 25%
Failing linguistics midterm - 35%
Eating a row of cookies and adding a friend from grade 5 on facebook - Priceless

So that sums it up. Iron Ring and Gradballs and parties coming up, so I'll be drinking the semester away :)
25th-Nov-2006 10:46 pm - Broomball
So Plant Design has taken over my life... I had to miss the Santa Claus Day Parade with the BNAD, which is always fun. And I can't even count the amount of hours I've worked on it, or how much my team has worked on it. It's crazy. I feel bad because I'm the chief and I probably let my group work too hard on it, since it really comes down to the final presentation in the end (although I swear I've said a bunch of times that presentation (in general) counts for a lot). And now we can't really slow down too much, cuz I want a really good presentation. Hopefully all our hard work will show through in it.

So Friday night I took a break for Broomball. I was on team "Happy Feet" which was a really fun team. We ended up losing to Skule D in our first game. So then we went out for McDonalds. Our next game we only lost by 1 goal! and we were totally kicking ass at the end.
By us not losing so bad, we got Skule D in the semi-finals! So we got the moral victory. It was a lot of fun, and we'll do better next time.
19th-Oct-2006 09:33 pm - Damn Plant Design
Stupid plant design is taking up all my time. And if you don't know, that means I'm designing a chemical plant, not a biological plant. A lot of people don't get that. Anyways, it's not leaving me time to do things like write down stuff I like to remember (I still haven't updated my website with Frosh Week stuff, Monica never sent her pictures to me ever... *shakes virtual fist*)
So I'm just gonna say what's on my mind:
They brought back the Polar Bear in Lost!!! So awesome!

And if you're reading this on facebook: don't join one of those wannabe biggest groups ever, join the actual (as far as I know) biggest group ever:
"The Largest Facebook Group Ever"
It's actually close to 1 million people

Also IRL: It was Chris' Bday party thing last Friday lots of fun. And I got Monica to audition for Skulenite last Friday too (oh and I went with her). So skulenite owes me... Now I know I'm not gonna get a part (my acting audition sucked, but I think the other 2 were okay...), but wouldn't a random one liner from some guy be really funny? C'mon... Fine then be a jerk... jerk...

Okay back to Plant Design...
28th-Sep-2006 09:19 pm - I'm le bored/procrastinate-y
So I saw a friend did this how White and Nerdy are you?
I got 40% which was dissappointing so I did another one:

You are yahoo.com You adapt slowly, but many still rely on you.  You like to organize things.  You are very popular. You like to yodel.
Which Website are You?

It's funny cuz that's my homepage (yahoo.ca) I refuse to put google there, it doesn't have news updates. (msn.ca is just stupid...) and sometimes yahoo does a better search than google.

So uh i guess it's back to work...

This weekend I went on the EngSoc retreat. It was super drunken fun! Pics on Facebook. This weekend I'm not gonna get drunk, cuz I've been drunk the past 3 weekends or something close enough. (HHF2, International Pub Crawl, Camila's Bday/Retreat = 2 drunk sleep deprived nights one weekend)

Awesome times, but need to slow down a bit...
13th-Sep-2006 02:52 pm - 18 hours
I only have 18 hours of class a week this semester!
that's less than a day! I don't remember having less than 24hr before. And no labs :)
I pretty much have Wednesdays off except for one hour in the morning.
I feel like I'm skipping, but with less guilt. It's awesome.
Now I'm sure Plant Design will be a horrible painful experience, that will ruin this semester. But for now here's to Wednesdays.
And hopefully I'll be able to update my utoronto site with FroshWeek0T6 soon, once the billions of pictures get sorted out.
4th-Sep-2006 12:24 pm - Tales from Little Britian
Okay, first to clarify, the new cottage/house/fixer-uper is in Little Britian not Lindsay... it's about 15 min from Port Perry and 15 from Lindsay, but it's in whatever region Lindsay is in, so Lindsay is therefore the nearest real city.
Day 20ish?: The Holes
So we were changing the front porch so that it has a roof, but first we had to add support to the bottom. So I had to dig two 4 ft deep holes about 1.5 ft diameter. It was the hardest digging job yet. I dug through sand, dirt random hard stuff and worst of all clay. And of course there were random rocks all the way down. And the deeper I got the harder the ground got and the harder it was to use the shovel. Me and my dad eventually got it down, and the next two days I spent doing random stuff and working on my sword which will hopefully be bitching sweet when it's done.

Frosh week is starting today!! Last purple ever! it's gonna be awesome sweet.

I need to get some ice cream... later
27th-Aug-2006 12:13 pm - Past 2 Weeks
Taste of the Danforth

Some school people went to Taste of the Danforth. I ate some pork on a stick, we sprayed people with silly string, we got free stuff and we got some Demetri Ice Cream and Melona popsicles. I also saw Adam, Jenna and Brooke (elementary/high school) which was pretty cool.

Nesci Picnic

The annual family picnic happened the weekend after last at Boyd park somewhere in the west end. It was a little smaller than last year, but as usual, lots of good food and some bocce and card playing. (btw I hate it when people say call it like Bocky Ball, it’s bocce, like Bo-chay. You should call it Italian lawn bowling then. But then again some people might hate that I use me and so-and-so did this, as apposed to so-and-so and I. But I hate formal writing...)

Rob and Clara’s Going Away Party

Clara and Rob are going to Michigan for their Graduate Studies, so they had a going away party. It started at Rob’s house with some soccer, then it moved to Rotilicious for some Caribbean roti. The roti was a lot of curry for me, but if you like Indian food, you would like it. Then we went back and played Trivial Pursuit and the Undergrads had a big come back and won by one move. Then there was some cake. And then we played Shadows of Camelot (I think that’s what it’s called) and we beat the game and Marny (who was the trader). It was fun times.

Cranium Friday

I didn’t really feel like going drinking Friday, so I was gonna do some camera shopping on ebay (cuz I was downtown and I don’t have highspeed at home). Then Angelo had invited some people to play Cranium. It was me and John against Lise, Angelo and Gen. A lot of the things were pretty annoying and kinda hard (the trivia was ridiculous). Monica came near the end of the game and joined our team. We only lost by one turn. It was an okay game cuz charades and pictonairy and clay pictonary are fun, but some parts are annoying. I’d still play it again sometime.
Then we played Sequence and me and Gen won.

Hart House Farm

Me and Monica sat crammed with our 6 bags in a wheel seat on the bus (you know the seat that is raised up). Then when we got there we played a big game of ultimate Frisbee with the frosh versus everyone else. Then the sandwiches for lunch came. And we tapped the kegs.
After lunch everyone went to the pond for swinging and swimming. I forgot my bathing suit though. I told Monica if she went on the rope, then I’d go in my underwear. And she did. So I went and I did a flip on my first try :) so I didn’t have to go again. Then we swam around for awhile and visited Angelo and some peeps on the cool rock while the frosh sang bohemian rhapsody on the lil island. After swimming there was dinner, hamburgers and salad. Then the bnad hour happened after a few regular songs, we played louie louie and wipeout even though Caitlin lips were already dead.
Then some people made the fire and I went when they got the s’more stuff ready. The s’mores were good and everyone sat around the fire and sang sounds and talked. This then continued until about 12 when it rained and me and John and Antonio had to carry the couch people had brought out. It was one heavy mofo... Then the Cheat’s Lightswitch Rave happened. And we ate some barbequed corn and then some baked potatoes with the butter balls that look like ice cream. Then some people went to sleep and a bunch of people went back to the fire for some more singing and talking. Me, Monica, John, Ellen bearded frosh, Antonio, Tim, log sleeping frosh, Alana stayed until morning. Angelo and Karen went to the sauna for awhile, so I don’t know if that counts, but they did stay up. I think that was everybody, but honestly I barely remember what we were even talking about.
Everyone looked horrible in the morning with saggy faces. They looked funny. Then we just sat around until the bus came. Me and Monica slept the whole way back. And so goes the 2006 HHF trip. Lots of fun, lots of singing and table dancing and drunkenness and water and fire. Good times.

Then I went home. (on the I randomly met my sister on the GO train, which was cool) And got together with Nitin and we saw Bon Cop Bad Cop. It was an okay movie. There were a lot of hockey references in it and most of it was in French, but it was still okay. And I was drifting in and out a bit towards the end of the movie (no sleep from HHF), but I think I only missed a few lines here and there... I still remember what happened.

Then me and my sister went to North Bay for a few days to see my grandparents, it was cold, but it was still a nice visit.
30th-Jun-2006 01:33 pm - Music Tag
List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your livejournal along with your 7 songs. Then tag 6 other people to see what they're listening to.

#1 Summer in the City/Joe Cocker - Hot town, summer in the city. Good song, and seems appropriate for the time.
#2 Basket Case/Green Day - Have been kinda reminded of it lately, and well the lyrics could be my theme song sometimes, lol.
#3 Lay Lady Lay/Bob Dylan - I downloaded a bunch of old rock songs and I forgot that I liked this one a lot.
#4 Sie Lieb Dich/Beatles - German version of She Loves You. It's kinda funny and is actually a good translation with rhyming and everything.
#5 We Can Work it Out/Beatles - Not my favourite Beatles song, but it always randomly gets played.
#6 Kashmir/Led Zeppelin - It has a really good beat. I think it was on a commercial or something.
#7 Radar Love/Golden Earrings - Another random old song that I found recently.

I don't really like tagging people, but you don't want to do it that's fine. I'm not big on survey-type things myself:


i think all of my other lj friends have been tagged already...
my mood is supposed to be ironic.
30th-Jun-2006 01:10 pm - Tales from Lindsay
I've been helping my parents out with fixing up the house they got near Lindsay.
DAY 5: Zio Franco
My uncle came to help out too. He was wearing a blue a blue shirt, a red cap and red suspenders and he's Italian and he was helping my Dad out with plumbing at first. It was funny.
(my mood is unrelated to the post lol)
8th-Jun-2006 05:58 pm - I wish i had a job...
I had to help my parents out with their new house on Monday (well it's more of a cottage they plan to make a house). And man was it ugly. It's on the water so that's nice I guess, but it was ugly. I helped my Dad move the shed and its base over (really a 4 man job). And the sun was really hot, but there were a ton of mosquitos in the shade. Also, my allergies were pretty bad. We also had to remove most of a rotting tree stump (yum) But maybe once they move out of the old house I can have crazy awesome parties :) (the old house is gonna be torn down :)
Rob's Word of the Day - Reckon v. tr. 1. To count or compute. 2. To consider as being; regard as.
Some people might think it's not a real word because it is often associated with stereotypical southern Americans who also use 'ain't' and 'yessum'.
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